Angelo Matteo 1876 - 1951 & Maria 1883 - 1958 (born Moreschi)

Angelo was born in Castello Dell Aqua in March 1879 to parents Giovanni and Maria (born Rossittini).  Angelo was one of nine children all born in Italy.  (Refer to the Tuia Family Tree)

On 21 April 1901 he married Maria Savena Moreschi in Castello Dell Acqua Sondrio Italy and together they had nine children. 

Angelo declared, he arrived in Australia in 1907and returned to Italy on family business 101101om Oct 1913 to May 1939. During this time in 1919 Angelo’s two daughters Rosa and Maria passed away.  

Their children Luigi and Enrico migrated to Australia in the 1920s and worked hard to established a farm in the south west of Western Australia. In 1937, the farm got busier with Valentino also moving to Australia to live with Luigi and Enrico in Margaret River.

Three months later in 1938 Luigi and Enrico applied to the Immigration Department for their family to come to Australia , this included their parents Angelo and Maria and their siblings, Agostino, Emma and Pierina.  An unassociated report states that Stefano, Angelo and Maria’s eldest son, remained in Italy.

The application was approved and in 1939, Angelo and  Maria  returned to Australia on the ship REMO. Angelo was assigned to alien 99 and Maria alien 101. In 1943 an application to settle in Margaret River on some property owned by the licensee of the Premier Hotel in Collie was approved.  They travelled regularly to Donnybrook to look after Angelo’s brother’s farm but it was necessary to get approval from Law Enforcement Agencies for any travel.  For a short time Angelo resided in Donnybrook, but again needed permission to change his residence, even for a few short weeks. 

In 1948 Angelo applied to be a naturalised British subject at a cost of five pounds. In a report he was asked his reason for wanting to reside in Australia, his reply ‘Plenty tucker, no hungry in Australia’.   In August 1951 his application had not yet been approved due to failing a few questions so, Angelo wrote to the Department of Immigration, begging for further consideration or a refund of his five pounds.  Two months later Angelo passed away and Maria advised the relevant department with this note.

Angelo and Maria both passed away at the age of 75 and are buried at the Margaret River cemetery in Western Australia.


  • Stefano 1902-1965
  • Luigi 1903 – 1980
  • Enrico 1904-1973
  • Rosa 1912-1919
  • Valentino 1913-1965
  • Maria 1917-1919
  • Pierina 1921-1979
  • Emma 1922-1990
  • Agostino (Aldo) 1924-1963

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