Ida Guidici (Born Tuia) 1929 - 2020 and Frank Guidici

Ida was born in Greenbushes WA on 17th May 1929 and lived with her family in Southampton.

Each day Ida would ride her horse to school but some days it wasn’t easy for her to get on.  Ida quickly learnt to line the horse up against a fence, that seemed to make it a little easier. This horse had a mind of its own and caused trouble from time to time, it certainly didn’t like waiting for Ida to shut the gate and would often gallop away.  Ida recalls her Mum and Dad having to come and find her on the odd occasion.

Ida loved riding and she particularly enjoyed riding with her cousin Sylvia Betti.  They had so much fun and together they got up  to a little mischief,  Ida recalls pinching a few lemons from a tree that belonged an old lady by the name of Miss Nicholes.

When the family moved to Thompson’s Brook, Ida and her Dad rode the horses from Southampton to the new farm.  It was such a long way they had to stopover for a night in Balingup with Aunty Agnus.

After settling into the new farm, Ida went to school  in Brookhampton before moving onto Donnybrook Junior High School. Everyday she would take the bus to town and  in her last year of school Ida took care of Dick Gill, making sure he got on the right bus and that he made it home safely.  At the end of the school year Dick Gill’s mother gave Ida a tin of talc power in thanks.

Ida left school when she turned 14 and helped on the family farm, Family life was busy and Ida helped look after her siblings where she could, she also helped on the farm, milking the cows, helping the neighbour and during fruit season would would help out the Farley family.

Ida loved to dance and the Brookhampton Hall holds many special memories for her.   In 1948 the local newspaper reported about the Mullalyup Cricketer’s Ball noting Ida’s beautiful pink dress.

Once Ida and her sister Elsie went to Albany with Aldo Menegola on the back of a truck loaded with timber and stayed with Aunty Agnus.

Ida married Francisco (Frank) Guidici on 4th February 1950.  They lived the first six years of her married life on the family farm in Eastbrook until 1956 when Frank bought his own farm in Glen Mervyn.   Ida and Frank celebrated the birth of five children, Maureen in 1951 followed by Robert, Shirley, Kevin and Graeme. The early years were hard for Ida, helping on the farm while raising five children.   Ida being Ida never complained and she just took everything in her stride.

Ida loved crafts and much of her spare time was taken up knitting and sewing.  The family grew up quickly and Ida and Frank were then able to take annual holidays.  Ida’s favourite holiday spot was Kalbarri.

In 1999 Frank and Ida moved into their new home in Donnybrook.  Life was a little slower but they both kept busy and are very proud of their family that now includes 11 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.  In 2015 Frank sadly passed away and three years later Ida moved to Tuia Lodge.  Ida passed away in September of 2020 at the age of 91.

Thanks to Ida’s daughter Maureen and families for this contribution.


  • Maureen – 1951
  • Robert – 1952
  • Shirley – 1956
  • Kevin – 1959 – 2016
  • Graeme – 1961